• Brian L. Barefield

Was It Worth It? Georgia makes ruling surrounding high school QB unusual transfer.

It has been said that a parent’s love for a child knows no bounds. Many adults will do any and everything to please their children, hence the $1700 iPad little five-year old Johnny carries around, but I digress.

High school quarterback Jake Garcia was ruled ineligible to continue playing this year for Valdosta High School in Georgia after starting one game this season as the second game was cancelled due to COVID related issues. The USC football commit made news when him and his father moved from California to Georgia so that he could play this year since his season was cancelled in his home state.

Normally, the transfer would have only been talked about throughout college football circles since Garcia is a four-star recruit, but this was no ordinary pack up and move to another state situation.

In order for Garcia to play this season, he had to move “simultaneously with the entire parental unit or persons he/she resided with at the former school,” according to an ESPN report that investigated the unusual transfer. Those guidelines are set by the Georgia High School Association. To meet those eligibility requirements, Garcia’s parents decided to dissolve their marriage with his father moving to Georgia with him and his mother staying in California.

They planned on getting remarried after their son graduated.

The ineligible ruling comes after the GHSA decided to investigate the situation due to the ESPN report that detailed in great length the plans the Garcia’s had for their son to be able to play football this season. The family along with the school plans on appealing the decision.

Let’s just hope that if Garcia’s appeal is not overturned that his father has a home to go back to in California.

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