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Tyreek Hill Says The Chiefs Were Challenged By OC Eric Bienemy After Week 5 Loss To Buffalo

A lot has been said about Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bienemy. From his perceived lack of interviewing skills that some say have prevented him from getting a head coaching job in the NFL to his inability to communicate effectively with superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Yet, the one thing that has never been conveyed in a negative light is his passion for the game of football, and one of his former players wants to make sure that narrative never dies.

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill, who was traded from the Kansas City Chiefs this past offseason, told a story on his podcast titled “It Needed To Be Said” about Bienemy. The Chiefs OC challenged the Chiefs after they lost to the Buffalo Bills in Week Five of the 2021 NFL season.

In a conversation with Bills starting safety Jordan Poyer, Hill spoke on how Bienemy challenged the team to beat the Bills if they had an opportunity to face them again in the postseason.

“Our offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, like he’s a madman,” Hill said to Poyer. “He was cussing us out all week. Saying, ‘Y’all let these MFs come in here and whoop y’all like that. Like, c’mon man, y’all gotta have some respect on y’all name in this building, in this organization, and stuff like that.’”

“And, like, I could just sense in the guys’ eyes and hearts, and I just felt the energy. Like guys like really took that and like ran with it, the whole week. Like practice was perfect. No drops like during the whole week. Defense was flying around. Everybody was doing what they were supposed to do. And we all were on the same page. So, we go out and we play and we are playing for each other.”

The Chiefs got their revenge on the Bills when they met them in the AFC Playoffs with an AFC Championship appearance on the line. In what has been called an instant classic, the Chiefs beat the Bills in overtime 42-36 after the lead changed three times in the final two minutes of regulation.

After Bills quarterback, Josh Allen put his team ahead late in the game with a touchdown pass to wide receiver Gabriel Davis, the Chiefs got the ball back with 13 seconds, which turned out to be all the time they needed.

Chiefs quarterback hit Hill for 19 yards and then found TE Travis Kelce for another 25 yards to set up the 49-yard field goal attempt by Harrison Butker, who made it with room to spare.

Kansas City lost the AFC Championship Game to the Cincinnati Bengals the following week.

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