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Texans TE Pharaoh Brown Knows That Consistency Is The Key To A Great Season

Texans TE Pharaoh Brown

HOUSTON – As Houston Texans, second-year quarterback Davis Mills walked away from his media session at the conclusion of the Texans minicamp at Houston Methodist Training Center, he fists bumped his tight end Pharaoh Brown, who was headed towards the media tent.

“Good work today,” Mills said to one of the offensive weapons he will depend heavily on in the upcoming season.

“Appreciate it,” Brown responded. “We right back at it again tomorrow.”

The fifth-year tight end is eager to get back on the field in a new system led by offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton whose offenses have been tight end friendly in his previous stops.

After a brief stint with the Oakland (Las Vegas) Raiders and Cleveland Browns, the 6-foot-6, 258-pound Brown was signed by the Texans after being waived by the Browns the first week of September 2020. He is now entering his third season with Houston, and for the first time in his career, he finally has some continuity and longevity before the season begins.

“I’m going into my fifth, sixth year, and every year I had a new coach, new quarterback,” Brown said. “Being able to have the same guy, knowing that guy, knowing the coaches to be able to bond with. Knowing what we want, and just being able to get a whole year in, a full off-season in with these guys and being around them, I think is going to be huge. In the past years with COVID and different changes, we didn’t have that. I think just having that full year is going to be amazing.”

Brown, 28, wanted to show the Texans organization that he was dedicated to helping the franchise improve their 4-13 record from last season. He did that by dropping weight through rigorous workouts with his trainer and taking a better mental approach to the game.

Texans WR Brandin Cooks looks on as TE Pharaoh Brown completes a catch during Texans Minicamp.

“My off-season was pretty good,” said Brown. “Really just working on freeing my mind, just doing a bunch of meditation. I did a couple of retreats. Just clearing my mind, getting that focus. I think that’s pretty big for me. This game is pretty easy. It’s just consistency and just me versus me on a daily basis. That’s why this off-season has been great. Just been one day at a time.”

Although he did not put up the numbers he wanted last season, Brown feels that his rededication and focus coming into the season, along with the off-season work he did with Davis Mills, will have him prepared to make a tremendous leap this season.

“I feel like I can accomplish a lot this year,” Brown responded when asked about his goals this season. “Really just taking it day by day. One-day focus for me. I’m comfortable. I’ve been meeting with the quarterbacks all year, so getting on the same page with them is really big.”

“Just knowing where they want me to be, where I want to be. The game has just slowed down understanding all the fine line details. That’s going to help me be an all-pro this year.”

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