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SWAC Announces New Partnership with #NOWINCLUDED

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The Southwestern Athletic Conference is excited to announce a new partnership with #NOWINCLUDED, a multi-generational healthcare movement that engages, educates, and empowers minority populations to take better control of their health. #NOWINCLUDED is designed to help minority families advocate for themselves in various healthcare settings. #NOWINCLUDED provides access to educational information like newsletters, webinars, videos, interviews, social media content, and blog posts to help minorities make better, more informed choices. The organization works to connect its community to partners, physicians, health & wellness service providers, and other resources that place a priority on better serving minority men, women, and children.

"Our partnership with SWAC is an exciting one because the conference is revered by so many HBCU students and alumni," said #NOWINCLUDED co-founder, Tiffany Whitlow. "We know that education about COVID-19, vaccinations, and other health-related topics are critical to student success on and off the field. This partnership makes it possible to provide students with the resources they need in a way that is most relevant to them." How can you become involved?

  • You can Join the Community by signing up for the weekly newsletter.

  • You can submit your healthcare story. This is a way for others to learn from your experiences. It also helps them to know that they are not alone.

  • You can become an ambassador. Ambassadors help spread the word about #NOWINCLUDED and what the organization does.

  • You can partner with #NOWINCLUDED. When you become a partner, you provide #NOWINCLUDED with the opportunity to access and speak directly to your audience, following, congregation, employees, constituents, friends, or family.

If you are ready to get involved, here’s what to do next.

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