• Brian L. Barefield

The Word Success is A Foreign Language to Lazy People

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Stop asking lazy people “How to be successful” questions.

That’s a foreign language to them. #KeepGrinding

One reason individual’s with talent (sports, education, theatre, music, author, etc.) never fulfill their dreams is due to the fact that they have the wrong person/people in their circle. It’s mostly those who are trustworthy such as a best friend or family member that will steer people the wrong way.

That’s because we get so caught up on the title of the person (That’s a whole other chapter in this book) that we never pay attention to the horrible advice or energy that’s being given until it is too late. In the midst of listening to them we begin to doubt ourselves which leads to that one question that will halt your dreams faster than the Wi-Fi going out in your house while on social media,

“Am I as good as I think I am?”



Normally the person giving you that negative vibe is lazy. Yep. I said it. LAZY. We were all born with a God given talent that we were blessed to have but requires work. Hard work at that.

Those individuals who constantly take small jabs at you or negatively critique your talent on a consistent basis are mad at themselves because they don’t have the get up to “GET UP” and revitalize their talents that have laid dormant for years.

Now is the time to purge them from your surroundings and continue to put the hard work and dedication into your craft. Eventually it will pay off and those people you removed from your circle will come running and screaming out loud,

“I always knew you could do it. I had faith in you since day one!”

That’s when you politely say, “Thank you” and walk away. No need in living in the past when God has brought you to your future.

On a separate piece of paper:

Write down some of the negative things that has been said to you about why you will never be successful.

Also write down how that has hindered you from pursuing your dreams and using your talents.

Afterwards, take that paper. Fold it up and place it in a box and store it somewhere. The next time you get to feeling discouraged go and get that box as a reminder that you don’t want to go back to that sunken place.


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