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Positive Influence Fathers

Fathers express how important it is being in their kids’ lives on a consistent basis

Brian Barefield | 6/15/2018, 12:48 p.m.

Growing up I loved playing basketball and football. On any given day you could find my brothers and I playing any one of those sports with the neighborhood kids. As we got older and started playing organized sports we noticed that we were missing something that other kids had on a consistent basis. No, it was not any special equipment they possessed that gave them the edge. It was something else that a number of the kids who I went to school with longed for. We wanted our dads to be in attendance to see our accomplishments on the field and the court. Our moms were there for support, but it’s nothing like looking up in the stands and seeing your dad cheering you on.

With Father’s Day approaching, I wanted to take time to highlight some fathers who are a staple in their kids’ lives by supporting them through all their sports endeavors. These are hardworking men who won’t get any accolades on ESPN, Fox Sports, NBC Sports, etc. Their reward comes from the smiles they receive from not only their own children but the other kids who are just happy to have a male role model in their lives.

Kevin Holland Sr. and his son, Kevin Holland Jr.

Team: Panthers, Cobra (Soccer)

HSM: What type of reaction do you get from your son knowing that you are not only his coach but his dad as well?

Holland Sr.: KJ feels a sense of pride knowing that his father is the coach. After the first season coaching him, I remember him coming over, wrapping his arms around me saying, “Thanks, dad.”

Marcus Sterling and his daughter, Haley Sterling

Team: Cleveland Chaos (Softball)

HSM: What made you decide to coach your daughter?

Marcus Sterling: During the summer of 2017, my daughter made the coach pitch all-star team and after the tournament, some parents wanted to do a fast pitch travel team. First team meeting they asked who wanted to coach and my wife instantly volunteered me.

Rohan Pitre and his sons, Croix Pitre (11) Maddox Pitre (8)

Team: Stafford Cobras (Football) Greater Houston Track Club

HSM: What advice do you have for fathers who want to play a bigger part in their child’s sports’ life, but are afraid?

Rohan Pitre: I would advise them to get involved in whatever capacity they are able to. They don’t necessarily have to be a coach, but that child needs to know that his/her father is their #1 fan and supporter.

Marcus Griggs and his son, Aron Griggs

Marlins of RBI Austin (T-Ball)

HSM: Who influenced you growing up?

Marcus Griggs: My dad was a prominent figure in my life when he wasn’t fulfilling his military obligation (Army). I want to fill those shoes as much as I can and pass that legacy down to my own children.

Claude Mims and his son, Aiden Mims

I9sports Cypress (Baseball, Soccer)

HSM: How rewarding is it knowing that you are helping kids with no prominent male figure in their lives become better individuals?

Claude Mims: The main reason I coach/mentor a boys group is because I grew up without a father in my home. He was not around to show me the tools a young male needed to survive from day-to-day and tackle the unknown issues in this world. I love

seeing the smile on my son’s face after I tell him he has done a good job.

Former Texas A&M/NFL player and current athletic coordinator/head football coach at Klein Oak high school, Jason Glenn gains his daily inspiration from his dad who passed away this year. “My dad was an amazing man. He was a hard worker and provider for our family,” says Glenn when asked how important his father was to him and his brother (former Houston Texans DB Aaron Glenn).

Houston Style Magazine Sports wants to congratulate all the father’s out there supporting their children in everything they participate in. Happy Father’s Day!

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