• Brian L. Barefield

P.J. Tucker and Dennis Schroder fined $25,000 by the NBA but allowed to play in Game 6.

Photo Credit/ Houston Rockets

The NBA has decided that Houston Rockets forward P.J. Tucker and Oklahoma City Thunder guard Dennis Schroder will be allowed to play in Game 6. Each player was fined $25,000 for their part in the small skirmish that took place in the third quarter of Game 5 on Saturday.

During that play, Schroder was attempting to get around a screen set by Tucker to free up James Harden, who Schroder was guarding at the time. As he fought through, he ended up hitting Tucker in his groin. After the foul was called, Tucker took exception to being hit between the legs and came up behind Schroder as he talked to the official and head butted him.

After words were exchanged. Both players were ejected from the game. The Rockets would eventually win the game in a blowout fashion but the talk after the game was the incident that took place.

Schroder was suspended a game during his rookie season when he played for the Atlanta Hawks for the same type of hit on DeMarcus Cousins in 2013 against the Sacramento Kings.

During Sunday’s press conference with the media, Tucker was asked if he had spoken with the with Schroder about the incident or did, he accept his explanation of what occurred during the play.

“No and No,” Tucker responded.

This isn’t the first incident in this series where questionable hits to the groin area has occurred. In Game 3 Rockets backup shooting guard Ben McLemore was hit in the same area by Chris Paul.

The series will resume on Monday night as the Rockets will look to close out this series.

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