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One Major Decision By Sonya Curry Changed Today’s NBA

Photo Credit-Golden State Warriors

Basketball fans worldwide were almost deprived of seeing one of the NBA's best three-point shooters in Golden State Warriors guard Steph Curry if his mother had decided to go through with a procedure she was considering having early on in her life.

Sonya Curry said she did not plan on having Steph when she got pregnant unexpectantly and visited a Planned Parenthood clinic where she faced a significant choice of either keeping her child or having an abortion.

"When it got to the nuts and bolts of making certain decisions I was faced with, there could be no Stephen,” said Curry on the Luke Norsworthy podcast. “If I would have gone through with it (abortion), there would be no Wardell Stephen Curry II. God had a plan for that child. Just the spirit interceding at the moment that I did not even know at the moment was happening just spoke to the purpose of faith.”

Mrs. Curry, who is promoting her book titled “Fierce Love,” said that the decision to have the procedure would have been hard on her, as it would have been her second abortion.

“I just had to trust God moving forward, with me having this child, I don’t know what is going to happen to between Dell (Steph Curry’s Father) and I at that point,” said Curry. “I just have to make this one decision. I just have to make this one right decision.”

Steph Curry, who is considered the best shooter in NBA history, passed former NBA player Ray Allen for the most 3-point shots made in NBA history. He has won three NBA Championships with back-to-back NBA MVP trophies.

Curry and the Warriors are tied with the Memphis Grizzlies at one game apiece in the Best-of-Seven Western Conference Semifinals.

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