• Brian L. Barefield

No More Happy Feet Steelers wideout will no longer perform pregame ritual on opposing team’s logos.

Well, it looks like Pittsburgh Steelers organization has finally had enough. On Wednesday Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster told the media during his weekly press conference that his pregame ritual of making Tik-Tok videos on opposing team’s logo’s at midfield is done.

“For the betterment of my team I am going to stop dancing on the logo’s,” Smith-Shuster said.

His videos stirred up controversy once again after the Steelers dropped their third game in a row after starting 11-0 on the season. The Cincinnati Bengals who were without the number overall draft pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, quarterback Joe Burrow and were down to their third string QB Ryan Finley defeated the Steelers 27-17 at home.

That was the second loss in three games to teams under .500 on the season. They lost to a 4-7 Washington team in Week 13 and Cincinnati came into the game with a 2-10-1 record.

Smith-Shuster (3 receptions for 15 yards) underperformed in the game against the Bengals and despite such a hot start from his team, he has not lived up to the expectations that the team had for him after becoming the number one option with the departure of disgruntled wide receiver Antonio Brown.

Pittsburgh has a tough two weeks ahead of them as they face the Indianapolis Colts and the Cleveland Browns who have a combined record of 20-8 on the season. The latter game against Cleveland could be for the AFC North title and huge playoff seeding implications due to the outcome.

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