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NFL Hall OF Famer Believes Tua Tagovailoa Is The Best Quarterback In The 2020 NFL Draft

One thing being in the Army taught me was that consistency is the key to everything you do. In basic training you do things over and over and over again so that it will become a second nature to you. That same consistency mindset is why one NFL Hall of Famer doesn’t believe that former LSU quarterback Joe Burrow is the best quarterback in the 2020 NFL Draft that will be held this Thursday.

Deion Sanders revealed in a recent interview with the NFL Network that he believes former Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is the most polished quarterback in this draft, hands down.

"I like everything about Tua," said Sanders who played in the NFL for 14 seasons. "He has a portfolio that says, 'You know what? This guy's a winner.' He has a portfolio that says, 'You know he can overcome adversity.' He makes correct decisions. I love, the thing I love about him the most is the way he handles himself in front of the microphone, in front of his teammates, and when his back is up against the wall. He's gone through something traumatic with his injuries, and he's bouncing back. I love this kid."

Burrow, who was awarded the Heisman Trophy this past college season, lacks successful years of producing on the field some experts believe. He transferred from Ohio State to LSU after being a backup for two years and unable to win the starting job. A decent 2018 season had NFL draft experts with a low second-round grade for Burrow, but he turned that around in 2019 by leading the Tigers to an undefeated season and National Championship victory over Clemson.

The nine-time First-Team All-Pro Sanders was known for his work ethic and film study, which started back in his college days at Florida State believes that Tua has the edge due to the amount of success he has on film.

"He would be my No. 1 for obvious reasons, because he gives me more film for me to judge his potential of success," Sanders said.

Unfortunately, “Prime Time” does not own the Cincinnati Bengals who plan on taking Burrow with the number one overall pick in this year’s draft.

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