• Brian L. Barefield

"Much Ado About Nothing" Harden’s competitive nature has him back in the headlines.

Photo Credit/Houston Rockets

Have you ever heard the cliché “Much ado about nothing?” Its meaning is one that can describe a lot of what we read on social media daily, especially when it comes to Rockets superstar James Harden.

A lot of commotion or excitement over something insignificant.

Read that twice when you get a chance.

Like clockwork, Harden has come under attack again this week by the media for a reported incident that happened between Rockets forward Jae’Sean Tate and Harden during practice as Houston prepares to open the 2020-21 NBA season on Wednesday night at the Toyota Center against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

According to The Athletic, Harden threw a basketball in the direction of Tate during a practice on Monday. This after the article reports that the former NBA MVP got into verbal altercations with teammates during two practice sessions. Once the article hit social media, fans took to their personal accounts to label Harden as a “Bad teammate” and capricious to a team that is trying to compete for a championship by adding two former All-Stars in point guard John Wall and center DeMarcus Cousins and first-year head coach Stephen Silas.

Wall came to the defense of his backcourt mate when asked about the multiple reports of incidents both on and off the court.

“At the end of the day, we can’t focus on what James does off the court,” said Wall who will play in his first regular season game in two-years on Wednesday. “All we know is he comes in every day. He works hard. He’s been one of the leaders of our team in this locker room. That’s all we can ask for.”

Coach Silas spoke to the competitiveness of NBA practices having been around them for so long with his dad Paul who was an NBA head coach and as an assistant coach for over nearly 20 years.

“When you have competitive guys, you hope to have competitive practices,” coach Silas said in his press conference. “That’s what we have. That’s what I want. I want competitors on this team.

For guys to be competitive in whatever way, as long as it’s not going overboard, I love it. Maybe that’s just the old school in me, or the Paul Silas vibes. But I enjoy it.”

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