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Miscommunication Costs Arizona A Win

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The Green Bay Packers stunned the previously undefeated Arizona Cardinals at home on Thursday night by defeating them 24-21 in a thrilling nationally televised game.

Although the game was slow and methodical due to Green Bay controlling the clock with their running game, since they were without the services of their three starting wide receivers, the last two drives by both teams provided a lot of excitement.

Leading by just three points late in the fourth quarter, Green Bay was stopped on four consecutive downs inside the five-yard line by the Cardinals. Arizona proceeded to drive the ball to the Green Bay five-yard line with 15 seconds left.

Instead of going for the field goal to tie the game, Arizona decided to take a couple of shots to the end zone to win the game. What the Cardinals planned and what happened are two different things.

Quarterback Kyler Murray dropped back and threw a pass to the right corner of the end zone in the direction of wide receiver A.J. Green who never turned around to see the ball that ended up in the hands of Packers defensive back Rasul Douglas.

Many were wondering what happened in that play. According to Jim Trotter from, there was a miscommunication between Murray and Green.

“According to one source familiar with the sequence, coach Kliff Kingsbury called for a pass play to the left, but quarterback Kyler Murray saw a more favorable matchup to the right, where veteran A.J. Green was one-on-one with journeyman cornerback Rasul Douglas. Murray then signaled for a back-shoulder fade to Green, but, the source said, Green did not see the change and failed to turn around while the ball was in the air, believing the pass was going to the other side of the formation.”

Arizona, who was the only undefeated team left in the NFL, will have ten days to bounce back from such a heartbreaking loss.

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