• Brian L. Barefield

How Better Are You Getting?

Photo Credit/Houston Texans

NFL teams started a trend a while back where they would scrimmage against each other leading up to the preseason game they were going to play by the end of the week. It was not a clear advantage for either team when it came to seeing different schemes run by the coordinators from both sides of the ball.

It was an opportunity for players to get out of the mundane routine of going against each other for the entirety of training camp. By now you have seen the viral videos of the Dallas Cowboys and Los Angeles Rams practicing against each other that shows both teams exposing the weaknesses of the other.

Having that type of film allows the coaches to go back and help correct some mistakes the players are making that will help them during the actual games.

Texans first-year head coach David Culley said during his press conference on Monday that they decided not to practice against other teams due to the number of new players they have on the roster that are in camp.

“The reason is because we felt like we needed to find out what we are all about because we are so new and so it was more important for us to get those reps with us and us finding out exactly what we are,” Culley said. “I've always enjoyed going against other teams, but I felt like in the situation we were in, it was best for us to be able to just practice against ourselves and we've gotten out of it what we wanted.”

How does that help the team get better when players are starting to learn the intricacies and nuances of their teammates they are going up against every day?

Seeing different players from other teams outside of preseason games would allow the Texans to really evaluate the new players on the roster. Going against other players not only brings out the competitive spirit but exposes weaknesses in players that can be pointed out during film study.

Do I think the Texans are making a mistake by not scrimmaging other teams? Yes. But then again, I have never coached in the NFL so that only allows me to offer my opinion.

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