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Houston Texans Organization Forgot To Read The Instructions

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Some men do this funny thing when it is time to assemble something out of the box. They will empty all the contents, spread it out nicely within the work area they have set aside to complete the project, and begin to work.

They will glance at the picture on the front of the box, look at the pieces, look back at the box, and then begin to assemble whatever they are building from the finished picture on the box.

After hours and hours of putting screws in the wrong places or forcing parts that do not belong together to fit, the builder will take a step back.

As he stares at the picture and then the finished product, for some strange reason, it does not look the same. So, he takes another look at the box and then the finished product from a different angle, as if it will look different if you stand to the side instead of right in front of it.

He is now perplexed as to why whatever he was trying to assemble looks different from what the picture displays.

Even though the finished product may be different from what it is supposed to look like, the man knows that it may not work but hopes it does for his ego and pride.

As soon as he tests the product, it breaks. He disassembles it and puts it back together again, and gets the same results. Now he begins to question his intelligence and wondering where he put the receipt to take the product back to the store believing he was sold defective merchandise.

Standing there during all his confusion and anger, he looks on the floor and notices a piece of paper just lying there. He examines it from a distance and then picks it up, and now it occurs to him why his finished product and the display on the box look different.

He forgot to read the instructions on how to assemble the product.

Photo Credit/Houston Texans

Maybe it is time for the Houston Texans organization to read the instruction manual on how to assemble a good team. During this bye-week, the team and its upper management need to figure out what they want their identity to be going forward.

That may require some hard conversations with individuals in their own front office.

Houston is currently on an eight-game losing streak and is having issues on both sides of the ball.

Since the Bill O’Brien era, Houston has watched the finished product of what the New England Patriots have done in the past and tried to duplicate it without examining exactly how they have done it.

O’Brien was a part of the “Patriots Way” during their Super Bowl era and saw how the concept worked.

One thing he should have learned is you can’t skip the instruction manual. Head coach Bill Belichick used the instructions handed down to him from former New York Giants coach Bill Parcells and built a dynasty in New England.

When the organization decided to part ways with O’Brien, they had an opportunity, to rebuild the team and examine other franchises with winning cultures. It was also their chance to release some of the individuals brought in from New England, and they did not.

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Instead, they increased the duties of former Patriots character coach Jack Easterby, by giving him the title of interim general manager. Texans Chairman/CEO Cal McNair wanted everyone to know that the title was short-term as they planned to go through an entire list of candidates for the vacant position.

"Let me reiterate what I have said before as there seems to be some confusion -- Jack will not be our general manager," said McNair. "But he will have a significant role in helping shape our future here within the Texans. He is going to be an incredibly valuable part of our franchise moving forward as he works with our next general manager and next head coach."

Houston put together a search committee to find their next GM and even consulted with franchise quarterback Deshaun Watson on a couple of names he thought would be good as general manager and head coach.

Photo Credit/Houston Texans

Yet, once the smoke cleared, the Texans went with Nick Caserio as general manager. Guess who his former employer was? That is right, New England Patriots.

Some of his off-season moves to begin his tenure included bringing in three former Patriots players Rex Burkhead, Marcus Cannon, and Danny Amendola, who has yet to contribute anything on the offensive side of the ball for Houston.

Before anyone says, “You have to give them time to be able to rebuild this franchise.” Tell me when it was ever built the right way under O’Brien?

Yes, I understand the AFC South titles, but that is all you have during his tenure. He never was able to get them past the second round of the playoffs.

Did the organization think they could look at the Patriots and suddenly become that franchise overnight by adding some screws and Elmer’s glue?

Watching them on television and doing the things that need to be done to become successful are different.

Unless Nick Caserio and Jack Easterby plan on morphing into Patriots coach Bill Belichick, the Texans will be rebuilding the organization again in a few years.

Let us hope this time they look at the instruction manual before assembling the product.

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