• Brian L. Barefield

High School Coaches On Leave After Forcing Hebrew Israelite Player To Eat Pork

Marcus Wattley, head football coach at Mckinley Senior High School WKYC-Photo Credit

It is a shame that most people in our country wakes up knowing that they are going to see or read something that a vile human being has done to another person or group of people, and the world never lets them down.

A group of coaches including the head coach at Mckinley Senior High School located in Canton, Ohio have been placed on administrative leave after they forced a 17-year-old football player to consume pork as a punishment even though they were told on numerous occasions that it was against his religion.

The young man who is Hebrew Israelite, was forced to eat an entire pepperoni pizza after he did not show up for a voluntary practice. According to reports, Head Coach Marcus Wattley told the player that if he did not eat the pizza that the entire team would be forced to do drills and his position on the team would be in jeopardy.

“I don’t know what was in this coach’s mind,” said attorney Ed Gilbert who is representing the family to the Washington Post in a statement. “I mean, in today’s society, you respect people’s religious beliefs. You do not make fun of them or make an issue of that, and I just don’t know where this coach’s head is.”

Jeff Talbert, the district’s superintendent, has filed a report about with the Canton Police Department, which is investigating the matter as a form of hazing. The school district’s board of education is set to meet on Thursday to discuss the matter further.

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