• Brian L. Barefield

Former Houston Texan DL Has Been Accused Of Causing Trauma To The Mother Of His Child

Former Houston Texans defensive lineman Angelo Blackson has been called out by the mother of his son on Instagram for alleged trauma caused to her and his son over the past five years.

Brittany J posted some negative things about Blackson, who is currently on the Chicago Bears roster, on her Instagram stories that might have the NFL and authorities take a closer look into what she is saying.

“I am currently mentally, physically, and emotionally SUFFERING from the trauma inflicted on myself and my dear son by his FATHER ANGELO BLACKSON of the Chicago bears.

My son has suffered a great deal of trauma by the Cinderella treatment he receives from his father. Our friends and family are tired.

Our community of church members, therapists, and educators are tired! Now we are seeking 100% full custody of Khyree Jones to prevent any further complications from his father.

I would appreciate it, if it is not an emergency or work-related, to refrain from contacting me for any personal reasons at this time.

My family has watched me over the past 5 years Suffer from the pains and burdens of parenting ALONE. Angelo has consistently tormented myself and our child.

Now is time for me to step up and speak up against THE CHILD NEGLECT, ABANDONMENT, and DOMESTIC ISSUES that has been caused by Mr. Blackson.”

The Texans signed Blackson from the New England Patriots practice squad on November 1, 2017. He later signed a three-year $12 million contract extension with the Texans on March 11, 2019, but was released one year later.

After one season with the Arizona Cardinals, Blackson got a multi-year deal with the Chicago Bears and finished the 2021 season with 43 tackles in 8 games.

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