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Former "Bad Boy" Doesn't Believe Jordan Is The Best To Ever Play The Game

Some things in life never, ever change. Individuals get accustomed to a certain mentality and it sticks with them throughout their lifetime.

Former NBA center Bill Laimbeer, who was part of the infamous “Bad Boys,” a nickname given to the Detroit Pistons during the 80’s has not changed. He went on ESPN’s "First Take" to give his opinion on who he thinks is the G.O.A.T (Greatest Player of All Time) when it comes to the game he played for over 14 seasons in the NBA.

I am pretty sure you know he did not pick who some has as the obvious choice as the best right?

“I’m very vocal, I think Lebron [James] is the best player that has ever played the game,” said the two-time NBA Champion. “He’s six-foot-eight, 285 pounds, runs like the wind and jumps out of the gym. “More importantly, when he came into the league he knew how to involve his teammates to win.”

“That’s something Michael Jordan had to learn for a long time. If you go by championships, Michael Jordan has more championships. But I think LeBron in any generation would be doing what he’s doing right now, and at the end of the day I firmly believe he’s the best basketball player in the history of the game.”

Laimbeer, who is the current head coach and General Manager of the WNBA team, Las Vegas Aces, had some epic battles against Jordan and the Bulls in the late 80’s and early 90’s. The dislike for MJ was felt by the entire Pistons team starting with head coach Chuck Daily and led by All-Star point guard, Isiah Thomas.

After the Pistons had given up an enormous amount of points to Jordan in previous meetings, Daily devised a defensive game plan called, “ The Jordan Rules ” which consisted of sending multiple players at MJ even when he didn’t have the ball. Its main purpose was to limit the amount of touches Jordan had in the game.

The Pistons plan was effective until the 1990-91 season when the Bulls finally were able to get past the “Bad Boys” in the Eastern Conference Finals that year and started a dynasty championship run for MJ and the Bulls. NBA fans will always remember the sheer defiance and utterly disrespect the Pistons showed the Bulls by walking off the court with 7.9 seconds left in Game 4.

While I agree with Laimbeer about who the best is, my opinion comes from a fan’s perspective, while his may be a little more personal.

Make sure to tune into ESPN on April 19, to watch the beginning of the 10-part series titled “ The Last Dance ” which chronicles the Chicago Bulls last championship season together.

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