• Brian L. Barefield

"F--- That. We Not Losing" Michael Jordan Once Said Before Game 7 According To Steve Kerr

One thing you learned if you had the opportunity to watch Michael Jordan during his playing days was he hated to lose. The six-time NBA Finals champion was a fierce competitor who battled to the very end and took great pride in destroying his opponent.

That’s why it should be no surprise to anyone the story that current head coach of the Golden State Warriors and Jordan’s former teammate, Steve Kerr , told on Zach Lowe’s ESPN podcast "The Lowe Post" . Before Game 7 of the 1998 Eastern Conference Finals against the Indiana Pacers, who was led by Reggie Miller, head coach Phil Jackson stood in the locker room preparing the team for the potential outcome of the game.

“The important thing in a game like this is to not fear losing,” Jackson said. “You embrace the idea that you could lose.”

Well those words didn’t sit well with the Bulls leader.

“Nah, f–k that, Phil. We’re not losing,” Jordan said before Jackson could finish his statement.

Chicago would go on to beat Indiana by a score of 88-83 and advance to the 1998 NBA Finals where they defeated the Utah Jazz in six-games, a feat they had accomplished a year earlier in the 1997 Finals.

Kerr played for the Bulls from 1993-98 and was an intricate part of Chicago winning three NBA Championships including hitting the game winning shot in the aforementioned 1997 NBA Finals against the Jazz. He was also a firsthand witness on just how competitive Jordan was. During an interview with TNT's Ernie Johnson Jr., Kerr spoke on how the fight between him and MJ during training camp helped him become a better player.

“I would say it definitely helped our relationship,” Kerr said. “And that probably sounds really weird. I wouldn't recommend that to anybody at home. I think that it has to be understood in the context of intense competition.”

Kerr, an eight-time NBA Champion (5 as a player, 3 as a coach), is just one of many former Chicago Bulls players from the 1997-98 team making the media rounds to discuss the docuseries on ESPN titled, "The Last Dance." It’s a 10-part documentary about the trials and tribulations the team endured on their way to their sixth and final NBA Championship.

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