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Due By: Texans head coach Bill O’Brien is right in the Matt Kalil situation. 📷

When I was a teacher I use to give out different projects throughout the year that had a completion date in order for the student to receive a grade. Most of the time that due date was at least six weeks out from the day I assigned the project.

Afterwards I afforded the students the time to work on their projects and made sure I asked at least once a week how things were coming along and if there was anyone who had questions about the project. Notice I said at least once a week and not every day. I wasn’t constantly asking the students, “Are you finished with the project?” every time they walked into my classroom.

That would be very annoying to the student who was given a completion date to turn the project in and every day ain’t that day.

I can imagine that’s how Texans head coach Bill O’Brien must feel every time he comes to the microphone after every practice or preseason game that offensive lineman Matt Kalil doesn’t participate in.

It’s like clockwork. The media gathers around the microphone and waits for coach O’Brien to dismiss the players. O’Brien walks up, takes a good spot in front of the microphone and before he has stopped moving the first question is bellowed out loudly.

“Coach. Can you tell us what you have seen from Matt Kalil?”

“Coach. Is Matt Kalil hurt? Will he start in the first game of the season?”

Now you are saying to yourself that those are very legitimate questions and I would normally agree with you if these weren’t the questions asked on a daily basis. These questions have become redundant and I can understand why on Tuesday coach O’Brien had enough. A reporter opened up the press conference asking about the status of Kalil.

“Every time I come up here, I get asked about 50 questions about injuries. So, you’ll get an injury report when the season starts,” O’Brien said. “Right now, I will tell you he is out of practice, per the head coach’s discretion.”

Once again, you are asking what is wrong with that question right? Nothing if coach O’Brien hadn’t answered the same question on Saturday after the preseason game against the Detroit Lions. Or before that when Kalil sat out the last joint practice against the Lions earlier that week. He also answered questions about him the week before and gave the same answer. As a fan have you not reached Matt Kalil questions fatigue yet?

Kalil has been in the league seven years and is coming off of a knee injury that kept him out the entire 2018 season. He has only participated in 18 games over the last three seasons, so I can see why coach O’Brien is being very careful in monitoring his practice and game reps. With the amount of injuries that are happening throughout this preseason and left tackle being such a vital position to the Texans offensive line, its best that Kalil doesn’t risk injury by playing a complete preseason.

Some fans may not be completely sold on that idea. Especially when the Texans are operating without a general manager this year, but I do believe that coach O’Brien is doing the right thing in this situation. Plus, the project isn’t due until 6pm cst on September 9th in New Orleans.

Class dismissed.

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