• Brian L. Barefield

Dear NFL Commissioner,

Since I have nothing else better to do than to wait for episodes 3 & 4 of the ESPN docuseries on the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls titled, “The Last Dance.” I figured now would be a great time to write NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell a letter.

Dear Commissioner,

Great job on pulling off the virtual 2020 NFL Draft this year. I hear the ratings went through the roof. It was nice to get a feel of where some of these young men headed to league come from. Thank goodness there was no technical difficulties that caused the broadcast to be interrupted, but some of the families and players reactions were priceless.

We will never forget Titans offensive tackle Isaiah Wilson’s mom forcibly removing his girlfriend from his lap. Nor can we never un-see Cowboys wide receiver, Cee Dee Lamb snatching his “Other” phone from his girlfriend’s hands.

And can we mention all of the heartfelt but tragic stories ESPN talked about after every draft pick? I mean I understand the premise of what they were trying to do, I just think the draftees should have been able to tell their own stories of how tragedy almost destroyed their families.

After each pick I was happy for the young man who had his name called, but then sad once they started talking about his upbringing.

Can we eliminate the tear-jerking sad stories next year? Thanks.

All those things are not the purpose of this letter. My sole purpose is to ask you for a favor. Yes. I know you knew it was coming.

Can you convince the 31 league owners that bringing back a similar concept of what the XFL was doing back next spring is a great thing? I am pretty sure that former XFL Commissioner, Oliver Luck would be willing to head that up for you. So many talented young men who NFL GM’s, scouts, and coaches missed out on or will be cut after training camp could use the opportunity next spring.

Think about it this way. There have been 28 XFL players given NFL opportunities this off-season based off of only five games worth of film.


Imagine what would have happened if the coronavirus global pandemic had not of affected their season. Can you fathom the thought of the plethora of talent the owners would have been able to choose from? Some of those players were just breaking the ice after those five games.

So, it would be nice if you could start a small committee of seven owners to put together a think tank and weigh the pros and cons of this great business opportunity. Imagine all the young men’s lives you all would impact and change.

Well that’s all I have for now sir. In my next letter I would like to discuss what was in your cup the whole three days of the draft. Oh, and the Antonio Brown suspension.


Big Sarge


If you all do decide to form a spring league. Let this letter serve as my resume and application request to work in the NFL League offices. I know for hiring purposes you all need something on file.

Ok. Bye.

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