• Brian L. Barefield

“Click Here” Former Super Bowl MVP Has A Huge Problem With Today’s Media.

Photo Credit/Green Bay Packers

In today’s social media society, a lot that is published through sports media outlets is what most considered as “Click Bait.” If you have been around long enough then you know that the social media pages have replaced print media, so instead of headlines grabbing the attention of the average reader at a news stand, posts on Facebook or Twitter have become the norm.

Most of those headlines contain some form of a negative connotation aimed at a player or organization to get consumers and advertisers to click on the headline as if they are about to read some scathing information about an individual’s life that will somehow change theirs. But it normally ends up being a non-story such as two players allowing their competitive juices to flow in practice (see previous article about James Harden).

Well one NFL player has had enough and is letting his voice be heard. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers who has his team in position with an 11-3 record to earn a first-round bye in the NFL playoffs took to the airwaves on Tuesday to voice his displeasure of the current state of today's media. During his regular scheduled appearance on the Pat McAfee show, Rodgers stated that too much of today’s media focuses on the negative aspects of teams and players.

“Negativity is at the heart of way too much media coverage,” said the league leader in passing touchdowns.

“I think it’s beautiful when we can talk about things. We can highlight great humans and still do it in a way that gets people to watch the show and enjoy it and love it. I think that’s what we need more of. More positivity and love, and less clickbait and negativity.”

The former Super Bowl XLV MVP is in prime position with two games left on the schedule to secure the number one seed in the NFC, which means all roads to this year’s Super Bowl in sunny Tampa Bay, Florida would have to go through frigid Lambeau Field first.

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