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Astros game against the Oakland A’s gets postponed due to positive test results from the A’s

Photo Credit/ Houston Astros

HOUSTON - - On Sunday the Houston Astros had its fourth game postponed in less than a week. The organization was alerted around 1am early Sunday morning that a member of the Oakland A’s organization had tested positive for COVID-19. Houston and Oakland played a doubleheader on Saturday to make up for the postponed game on Friday when both teams decided not to play to protest social injustice in America.

The Astros organization went through MLB testing protocols on Sunday and expect the results back on Monday. They are also working with the league to find out if the person that tested positive had any contact with anyone from the Astros. General manager James Click said he had not yet been notified by the league on the potential makeup date, but he doesn’t expect it to be on Monday when both teams have off. Oakland will remain in Houston for precautionary measures as to prevent the spread of the virus.

Click was also asked if the upcoming three-game series with the Texas Rangers at Minute Maid Park would be postponed due to the A’s results in Houston and also given the fact that they also played the Rangers before taking on the Astros.

“It’s way too soon to say that,” Click said about the Rangers series. “We're obviously taking our cues from Major League Baseball and our health and safety people. Once we have a better idea of the test results today, we'll be able to address the Rangers series. But hopefully, if the contact tracing comes back negative and the test comes back negative, we'll be able to go on Tuesday.”

The Astros cleaning crew, which had already prepped the opposing team’s locker room following the guidelines set by MLB will do two more deep cleanings before Tuesday, the proposed start of the series with Texas.

Players and coaches will isolate in place until the results from Sunday’s test come back. The team will monitor the situation closely and work with team trainers and staff members to keep players active until they are able to resume play.

Before he ended the zoom press conference, Click informed the media that the Astros alternate training site in Corpus Christi had once again been compromised with another positive COVID-19 test result. This is the second time in the site has had to be shut down in the last 10 days. The organization does not have a current contingency plan in place if the alternate site is out of commission for a couple of weeks. Click has proposed to MLB to allow the players from Corpus to be able to work out at Minute Maid Park but he said he hasn’t heard anything back from them.

“The trick is that we still have to maintain the separation between the players of the alternate site and the players on the Major League roster so that if there's a positive test like this that it doesn't spread,” said Click who is working diligently to make sure player safety is first. “We are working with MLB on providing a document that shows protocols as far as entry and exit, where those players would locker. They wouldn’t walk in the same locker room; they wouldn’t use the field at the same time. So, all of that is being worked on actively, but for right now Minute Maid Park is the alternate, alternate site.”

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