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Andy Reid Goes Back To College on 4th-down Play Call.

Photo Credit/Kansas City Chiefs

Sometimes in life you have to trust your own instincts. No matter what adversity may come your way, stick to what you know and most of the time you will be successful. For the reigning Super Bowl Champions Kansas City Chiefs, they have a team full of believers in the system and the two men making the calls on the sideline for the offense in head coach Andy Reid and offensive coordinator Eric Bienemy.

With their superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes out of the game due to concussion protocol, the Chiefs were scrambling to hold on to a slim five-point lead against the Cleveland Browns in the AFC Divisional Playoff Game.

Needing 14 yards for a first down, on third down, Kansas City backup quarterback Chad Henne scrambled for 13 yards to set up fourth and inches. Coach Reid knew that giving the ball back to the Browns offense needing a touchdown to win the game was risky. So, he did what the Chiefs have been known to do since he was head coach and that was go for it.

But wait. There is more.

Reid is a genius at disguising plays to make them seem like there is a lot going on when he really only wants to run a very simple play. He went back to his college days to help the Chiefs secure a berth in the AFC Championship Game. With time running down on the play clock and the Browns thinking that the Chiefs may have lined up to try and draw them offsides, Henne took the snap and completed a five-yard pass to wide receiver Tyreek Hill. That first down ended the any hope of Cleveland had of getting the ball back.

On Monday, coach Reid was asked about the gutsy pass play call needing only a couple of inches to secure a first-down with the backup quarterback and the game on the line.

“I went to BYU. Every down’s a throwing down,” said Reid.

Former BYU LaVell Edwards was known for his approach of you can throw the ball anytime and anyplace when he played and was a graduate assistant for the Cougars.

Kansas City will host the Buffalo Bills on Sunday in the AFC Championship Game.

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