• Brian L. Barefield

AJ Bouye describes toxic environment in Jacksonville the last two years

Denver Broncos cornerback A.J. Bouye finally feels free after being in such a toxic situation in Jacksonville. The former Jaguar joined the host from SiriusXM NFL Radio to express how miserable he was during the latter part of his days playing in Jacksonville.

“I just never was a part of something like that,” said the veteran defensive back who was traded to the Denver Broncos this past offseason.

Jacksonville enjoyed temporary success in 2017 when they made it to the 2018 AFC Championship and lost to the New England Patriots 24-20. Everything crumbled for the franchise after that. They have gone a combined 11-21 and have finished last in the AFC South the past two seasons.

“Being in Houston before that and even seeing how the guys in Denver just gelling together with the chemistry between the players and the coaches. It was just something different and I didn’t know how to handle that,” said Bouye.

The former Houston Texans cornerback signed a five-year, $67.5 million contract with $26 million guaranteed in 2017 with the Jags. He enjoyed instant success as he made the Pro Bowl and Second Team All Pro in his debut season.

There were a number of things that attributed to the demise of the Jacksonville franchise. From “the Tom Coughlin thing” where the NFLPA warned players not to play for the franchise to teammates fighting in the locker room. Everything that could happen, did happen.

Bouye will now look for a fresh start in Denver. Maybe the altitude will help him clear his mind of the last two years with the Jags.

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