• Brian L. Barefield

A Texas Thing: Bucs WR Mike Evans Proclaims Kyler Murray As Greatest High School Player Ever

Being quarantined over these last three weeks have given people a lot of time to come up with a bunch of “Greatest of All Time” lists. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Pro Bowl wide receiver Mike Evans has taken time to chime in on the debate of best high school football player of all time.

“Texas High School football is the best and QB is the hardest position, so I guess Kyler Murray is the best HS player ever,” he wrote on Twitter.

Evans may be a bit biased being from Galveston, Texas and playing two seasons at Texas A&M before being selected seventh overall by the Bucs in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Kyler Murray won three state championships at Allen High School where he finished with 10,386 yards passing and 117 touchdowns and 42-0 as a starter. As a senior, Murray was named 2014 Gatorade Football Player of the Year.

While some may agree with Evans choice of Murray being the greatest, I am pretty sure there are a large conglomerate of Houstonians that would like to insert Vince Young into the conversation.

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